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About the development of the PCB sub - machine

Go, a cutter machine of
1.YLV-2A knife type sub machine, using the latest knife style lightweight design, a complete micro shear stress cutting board stroke, suitable for cutting with V groove PCB line board.
2 products do not move around the knife, quality assurance. The potential quality of the product was minimized and the potential quality of the product was lowest..
3 the cutter is made of high speed steel and can be used repeatedly..
Two, take the knife type cutting machine principle
Cutting the V-CUT even in a V-groove alignment under the cutter blade mouth and foot pedal valve, move around the circular blade, which will the connecting plate of the V-CUT separation.
It is applicable to all SMD PCB V-CUT plates and can be applied to this machine..
Features three,
type machine tool 1 configure the safety protection device, such as the human body or object into the cutter area will automatically stop.
2 cut plate length can be set at will.
3 the cutting rate four speed adjustment, by the foot pedal switch control.
4 cutting stress is small, not easy to form cracks.
5 cutter openings can be adjusted according to the thickness of the substrate and the depth of the V groove.
The 6 round knife, knife type cutting, no dust, motor drive, less carbon pollution.
7 non friction cutting, no tool metal residue.
8 cutting tools from Taiwan professional tool factory production, material for high-speed steel in Japan