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Changan Dongguan electronic equipment factory is a professional electronics equipment development, production, sales, service as one of the comprehensive supporting manufacturers. With the development of the market, the accumulation of experience and technology to improve the structure of continuous innovation, with the technology changes in 2001 the company changed its name to Syria technology. In Changan town of Dongguan City Zhen'an science and Technology Industrial park. Focus on the development and production of electronic equipment, with long-term automation and control, research and software programming and technical personnel and sales team. Based on independent innovation, always adhere to the high starting point, high requirements of the development of products, to achieve the product in technology leader, more complete production process. The company decided in 2003 from the main electronic equipment business transformation to a professional engaged in research and development of binary machine and hot press, 10 years, the company in product research and development of technology continues to improve, and strive to provide the best quality service to users, allowing users to use more assured. Gradually established the professional and hot press machine as the core of the product, other electronic equipment common operation of the comprehensive, diversified product system.
The company technology for strength, to the quality of the consolidation of quality, high-quality equipment for the development goals, continuous improvement and perfection, with high quality and stable products actively innovation pioneered product performance to meet the market demand. Products in the machine and hot press as the leading factor, extended operation mode of cover board, PCB board splitting machine, the light board, LED lamp strip machine, multi knife machine, multi knife type sub board machine, go cutter machine, guillotine type machine, pneumatic machine, stamping sub board machine, punch sub board machine, hot press, impulse type hot press, constant temperature hot press, solder paste mixer, etc. a series of electronic equipment.
Business philosophy: with high quality products, good faith management!
Business purposes: technology oriented, to create greater value for customers!
Business objectives: to create high-quality Chinese enterprises, to create well-known brands! The!!!