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Hotbar Soldering Machine



Features of touch screen pulse hot press:

1. Pulse heating mode, according to different products, the heating rate can be set.

2. The unique free floating head design ensures the average pressure of the product.

3. Equipped with vacuum function, it is more convenient to adjust and align. It can enter and exit automatically at single station, double worktable and press by both hands.

4. Numerical control of temperature, clear and precise, programmable curve including preheating and reflow temperature.

5. Equipped with digital display pressure switch, the pressure range can be preset to realize the over-voltage protection function.

6. PLC control, 5-inch color touch screen, LCD display input, real-time temperature curve display.

7. Chinese menu, all parameter settings are easy to browse and operate.

8. It is equipped with password protection, system self-test and fault alarm display functions.

Specification of touch screen pulse hot press:

Machine size: 680 × 780 × 750mm L / w / h

Working size: 200x260mm

Machine weight: 135kg

Working pressure: 0.4-0.6mpa

Power supply: AC220 V ± 10% 50 Hz, 2000 W

Heating setting: two stages

Head output: 1 ~ 20kg

Temperature setting: room temperature ~ 600 ℃, error ± 0.5 ℃

Hot pressing time: 1 ~ 99S (adjustable)

Hot pressing accuracy: 0.05mm

Alignment mode: CCD + LCD

Number of fixture: 2