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What are the working notes of the PCB?

PCB sub plate is related to the work of production time, as to have a certain understanding of the relevant matters of the safe operation of the, the following is the PCB board splitting machine working process matters needing attention: < br / > Primary and for PCB sub mechanical trigger it, before the operation, we are need checking work done in a fully binary machine. This link is not only checked out of the normal aspects of the PCB sub machine, but also to ensure the safety of the operation of the operator.. In this link, we are mainly about the cleanliness of the parts and the condition of the loose damage and loosening, so as to make a whole examination to facilitate the work of the later stage..
Secondly, it is about the specific operational environment aspects of the attention. In general, PCB board splitting machine on relevant to the work environment is the inevitable need, so can very good adherence to reflect the normal function of, and our production activities to bring the best effect of practice.
In addition, the sub board initially operating in the future, and the operation of the personnel and the object is not the best to enter the workshop, in order to prevent unnecessary security risks, and bring unexpected loss of damage.
PCB can be divided into machine features:
2 during the loading and unloading period can be uninterrupted continuous cut.
3 high quality shaft system so that the system can quickly and deceleration, cut the same period of time, the production rate, together with the high accuracy.
4 use of high quality hardware to ensure high steel and high work..
All 5 screw was covered to avoid the dust and dirt to enter, and then moving shaft life and function.
PCB sub machine in the practice of the use of base, there is a very obvious advantage in the inside of the.