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Cooperation with aram electronic originates from a friend's introduction, at that time, I never thought, they service in place, delivery timely, guaranteed quality, also let my guest confidence to me, is such cooperation and service...

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We think electronic Syria is a real intentions on getting the product company, from the electronic components of the product, production process to the assembly, they are always adhere to the quality of the idea, this is in our and other supplier...
Dongguan aram electronic equipment factory is a professional electronic equipment research and development, production, sales and service as one integrated manufacturers. . The company to the technology strives for the strength, consolidate quality by the quality, the high quality equipment for the development goals. Product dominated by machine and hot pressing machine, extended operating mode covers have article points the trigger PCB machine, lamp plate machine, article LED lights, the more, the knife plate, multiple blade type machine, feeding machine, guillotine machine, pneumatic machine, salt of subsection machine, punch machine, hot press, pulsed hot pressing ......[MORE+]


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YLV-2A knife type sub machine, using the latest knife style lightweight design, a complete micro shear stress ......【MORE+】


PCB sub plate is related to the work of production time, as to have a certain understanding of the relevant matters of the safe . ......【MORE+】

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